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Created 4-Jan-09
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Garden of Eden, Arches NPGarden of Eden, Arches NPPetrified Sand Dunes, Arches NPSouth Window, Arches NPTurret Arch, Arches, NPArches NP Sunset #1Arches NP Sunset #2Turret Arch, Arches NPMesa Arch, Canyonlands NPView of Washer Woman Arch, Canyonlands NPCanyonlands NP Sunrise #1Canyonlands NP Sunrise #2Landscape Arch, Arches NPDistant Butte, Canyonlands NPCanyonlands NPRock CairnIce MeltCanyonlands, NPUpheaval Dome, Canyonlands NPPetroglyphs at Arches, NP

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